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Video Editing – Create unique memories!

You are looking for a video editing software you can easily edit your videos from your last holidays with? You are looking for a program, which has a very clear surface and which is uncomplicated to use? Or you are looking for a professional software for high quality movies? No matter what video editing program you search. We definitely will find the best for you!

These are my test winners

Best Video Editor – Movavi

29,95 €


Every year new video editing programs in very different price ranges are released. I will explain on this website what is important and what you need to know in the event of buying a video editing software. I edit videos as a hobby now since 2 years and I use a professional software called Vegas Pro. I’ve started with Magix Movie Edit. It’s a great program which I can recomend especially to beginners. However, there are many other good video editing programs, which I later will compare. You will find out what is important for a good software and which functions are necessary. Video Editing doesn’t have to be hard as long as you have enough creativity.

Why do I need a video editing software?

Nowadays, everone has got a camera or a smartphone they can take photos and high quality videos with. With a video editing software you can edit the single video files and create a movie with music in the background. So you are able to create unforgettable memories (for example of your last holidays). I can assure that it is very cool to see the memories as a movie again back home. Furthermore the process of video editing is great fun.

I’m sure that everybody already has seen a video on youtube he is excited about because it is edited so well. It doesn’t matter if it is a vlog, a review or a gameplay. Everyone who creates such videos needs a video editing software. It is easy. Everyone is able to edit videos with the right software. So what you are waiting for?

On my website I will answere most of your questions and I will present the in my opinion best video editing programs. If you have more questions please use the commentary function at the bottom of the side..      Have fun!

The best video editing software for beginners

Best Video Editor – Movavi

29,95 €


What makes up the price difference of the programs?

There are either programs for beginners like the movavi video editor for only 30€ or professional video editors like vegas pro for more than 400€.

This big price range comes from the wealth of functions which are integrated in the program. With a normal video editor for beginners you are able to edit your video files and to create  your first movies with a few effects and background music.
However, if you edit your videos with a program like Vegas Pro almost everything is possile. You can change every colour of your video so that it’s possible to create new looks like you know it from Hollywood. Furthermore such a software offers much more special effects which I can’t enumerate now. On Youtube you find hundrends of tutorials how to create every single effect.

On my German website I made a video to this topic. Until now it is not translated. I will do my best to do it as fast as possible.

Top 3 Video Editing Software for beginners

Magix Movie Edit Pro

Movie Edit Pro 2019 is the newest software of the Movie Edit series. I already have done good experience with this kind of software because my very first video editor was the Movie Edit Pro-program of the year 2016. Like every year this program comes in three versions on the market. First there is the normal one, which I used, then the plus-version and finally the premium software with the most functions.

The best point of this video editor is maybe the assistant which edits your videos by itself. You only have to choose a template. The Plus-version also includes video editing with proxy-files and 360°-Video-Editing.

Movavi Video Editor 14

The Movavi Video Editor is undoubtedly the best video editing software for beginners. It hasn’t got the same range of functions like movie edit pro, but the surface is so clear that everyone can work with it directly. Furthermore the price of 30€ is amazing. Other programs start at 70€.

Powerdirector 17

I only have tested the older version, so I can’t say much until I release the newest test on my website.
The Powerdirector isn’t as easy to use as a movavi video editor, but it offers many special and unique functions for example a color correction tool by one click, the possibility to edit vertical mobile videos or also 360°-video-editing.

Best professional video editing software

Recently I bought a new video editor for myself – Vegas Pro 15 Edit. It’s an ingenious program which includes endless functions and possibilities. Along with Adobe Premiere Pro it adresses mainly professionals or adanced video editors.

Composition of a video editing software based on Movie Edit Pro

Preview monitor

At the top-left you find a black small box, calles preview monitor. With this you can play your actual video of your timeline or it shows you a preview of effects.

Import/Effect menu

At the top-right you can see the buttons import, effects, templates and audio. If you click on import you are able to drag videos, photos or music and drop it into the timeline, where they will be edited. With the effects the videofiles can be edited and reworked. There is for example the possibility to change colours, sharpness or the focus or to make the video faster or slower to create awesome time lapses and slow motion videos. With the templates you can draw up texts or animations which shall fly into your movie. The audio sections gives you the option to access directly to audio files, but this feature I only have seen in Magix software. The compositions of video editing programs are always a little bit different.

function strip

In the grey strip under the menu and the preview monitor you find the most important use elements, which you need for video editing. With the scissors symbol video files can be cut. Furthermore you can reset processes, set markers or put together video files to groups so that the work progress gets much easier. In principle in this strip there are all functions available which you need to edit normal videos. It is very clear and self-explanatorily. If you point on the symbols the function of this button is explained. To get more possibilities to edit your movie you have to access the effect menu. The functions can also be reached by quick accesses with the keyboard.


At the bottom you see the timeline. There you drop the video files and switch and edit them randomly. So you can create transitions and the lonely video files become an awesome movie. There are many tracks (figures at the left), so that different files can be listed among each other. You need it for example to play music in the background.

Free or chargeable video editing software?

The first question someone asks when looking for a video editing program is whether a free video editing program is sufficient or whether a paid video editing program is more useful. There are some free programs on the Internet that certainly includes the basic features and which is able to edit simple videos. Here, too, there are differences in the scope of functions and in the user interface. In my opinion, free programs are good for testing whether you like video editing. But if you want to edit videos, it is necessary to buy a really great video editing software. There are many video editing programs on the market that are aimed at beginners and are designed super easy. The Movavi Video Editor, for example, costs only 30€, but has the clearest interface I know and offers some useful additional functions. Free programs are often confusing and have only a few functions. I tried to cut my very first video with the Windows Movie Maker. However, there was no timeline, so cutting to the beat was almost impossible. Finally I bought Movie Edit Pro, a program for beginners and advanced users with a great range of functions. Sure, I had to get used to this as well. But it was much more fun to work with a program that has a neat interface and many functions on board.

Steps from the idea to an awesome video

1. Film

Of course you need enough video material for a good video first. In any case, you should rather record too much than too little, because it is always better to have a good selection of videofiles later. Also make sure that you film from different perspectives and positions, because for the audience who probably was not present when the film was shot, a normal video gets boring quickly.

2. Transfer on your pc

When you have got enough video material, you can transfer it to your computer. Before you start editing, it makes sense to watch the videos again calmly. So you can remember which scenes should be integrated into the movie later. Then I would arrange the videos and photos, for example according to events or in chronological order, depending on how the film shall look like.

3. Choose the right music

This is a very important step you should invest enough time in. Music underlines the mood you want to express in the video. Therefore you should not simply insert the first MP3 file. After you’ve found the right music, you can start editing…

4. Import & Editing

Now you need creativity. In general, a good video should always contain an introduction and an end, but of course you can also start directly with the important content. When I’m editing a travel video, I often start with scenes like packing my suitcase or with excerpts from the car ride or the flight – sometimes even without music. After that first scene I add music and often a title flys into the video. Time-lapse shots can also be a good beginning or end of a video, for example of a sunrise or a sunset.

5. Improvements

After you have edited the video, work isn’t done with a good video editing software. Of course, it is up to you how much time you want to spend on the beautification of your movie. I personally prefer to edit the videos and I often change the frame rate (play videos faster or slower). I don’t like working with color grading, which is why I never invest much time in it. But those who enjoy improving the colours can still achieve a lot with it.

6. Export & Save

When you are satisfied with the finished video, you can export it. This can take a long time under certain circumstances. When the export was successful, you are ready. You can watch the movie whenever you want.

Learning video editing – 3 methods

1. Learning by doing

That’s how I did it. For my first program Video Deluxe 17 plus hd there weren’t any tutorials on Youtube. That means I had to look through the menu if I wanted to add a special effect.
But as a beginner you probably don’t know any or only a few effects, so you can’t search for them either. The first videos were therefore relatively unspectacular. Over time, however, you’ll discover new effects that you can integrate into your videos. It is also possible that after months you will still find an effect that you have never used before.

2. Watching tutorials
Sometimes the manufacturers offer tutorial videos on their video editing programs or you get a guide in the program which shows you the most important functions. Otherwise, there are also videos on Youtube that answer your questions about the well-known video editing programs.
However, there are only tutorials for the most popular video editing programs and not too many. Tutorials are good for beginners who don’t even know how to edit a video. That’s how I learned the basics. For those who already know the basics, I would rather recommend a learning course, because the tutorials there show important details or you learn how to combine effects with each other, which is an fantastic way to create awesome video.
3. Learning course

There are also inexpensive video courses on the Internet that describe in detail how to edit a video with the program. There are not only courses for beginners, but also for advanced users, in which several effects are sometimes combined, so that completely new possibilities are offered, which you have never thought of.

I had the opportunity to test a learning course for Movie Edit Pro. Although I have already edited many videos with the program and therefore already had experience with it, I was able to learn more in the course than I thought before. Unfortunately the course is only available in German.

What do I need to start with video editing?

There are four things which you definitely need to edit videos, without these thing nothing works at all. But which items do I mean?


A camera is necessary to be able to edit anything at all. You don’t need a video editing program if you don’t have a camera. There are countless cameras on the market. Basically, it doesn’t matter which camera you use. It should only be able to take pictures and videos. Most of the time I film with a GoPro, which is an actioncam with an excellent video quality. Besides, it is super practical, because of its size. You basicly can take it everywhere. Furthermore I film with a Casio Exilim digital camera, my first camera. No, you don’t need super expensive cameras to edit excellent videos. You can also use your cell phone first. Most mobile phone cameras already have a quite good video quality.


Without a computer you also can’t edit videos. But I think if you’re reading this, you already have a one. Normally it is possible to edit with any computer. There are system requirements, but these are met by almost all computers.

Video Editing Software

Who’d have thought? In order to edit videos, you need a video editing program. I’m assuming you don’t have one, if you’re reading this. That’s why you’re right on my side. Below you will find a table in which I recommend a few video editing programs, depending on how much experience you have with video editing.


When you’ve bought all the things above, you’re ready to start. Nevertheless, I would like to add one more thing to the list. Creativity. If you just take a few shots and edit them to a small collection of cenes, the video usually looks rather boring. To edit really good videos you need creativity. It’s really not hard to edit interesting videos. If you enjoy video editing and constantly try out new things, whether in the program or while filming, the quality of your videos will quickly improve.
I can tell you, if you are interested in the topic and try to edit a video, then you will have a lot of fun. Of course, not everyone likes video editing, but for me in any case it is super fun. Simply try it out ;D

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